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De De Pyaar De Review: Ajay Devgan Confuse In Tangled Comedy, Tabu-Rakul Prit Has Done Impressive


Ajay Devgan, Tabu and Rakul Preet Singh starrer film De De Pyar De have been directed by Akiv Ali. The story-production is of Love Ranjan. Read what is special in this film and why can see it ..

Movie: De De Pyaar De
Artist: Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Rakul Preet Singh
Director: Akiv Ali
Avengers Endgame’s emphasis on election noise and cinema halls in the country is close. In the meantime, another Bollywood masala film, De De Pyaar de ‘has been released at the box office. This multi-starrer movie trailer was highly appreciated. Ajay Devgan-Tabu-Rakul Preet Singh has starred in the film starring Akiiv Ali. The story-production is of Love Ranjan. Read what is special in this film and why can see it …
What’s the Story…

The story of the film is quite simple. It starts from London. A 50-year businessman is Ashish (Ajay Devgan) who lives apart from the family, he meets the 26 year old girl Ayesha (Rakul Preet Singh). One song comes and the closer between the two, the closer it becomes, the love goes ahead if the love goes ahead. Ashish took Ayesha to her family, she comes to India. There, he meets his wife Manju (Tabu), son-daughter-parent. Manju and Ayesha have some sarcasm, seeing Ashish her daughter gets annoyed and her relationship comes in danger.

Ashish gives a relation twins, Ayesha goes to London in such a long time. All between Manju and Ashish begin to recover. But the heart of Ashish is still with Ayesha and then Ashish-Ayesha becomes one during the daughter’s marriage. Manju remains separate.
Why would you like to see the movie?

Now come to the point of why the film should be seen. Indeed, this film will connect you with the modern times, where there is no age restriction between love, there is no bond of relationships. Everyone is openly living their life. That is, understanding the depths of relationships, some are explaining Meanwhile, there is a tinge of film comedy, there are also many scenes and dialogues which will make you laugh in addition to those who were seen inside the trailer. There are also some double mining punch, which can be liked by the youth.

In the first half of the film, Rakul Prit Singh may surprise you, because according to which he has good punch and he used it like he is appreciated by his career. At the same time, Tabu has tied the other half. His comic timing and intuitive acting kept the audience in the second half as well.

Where did the movie go missing?
The way in which the story of the film has been created can knock itself on you. That is because in many places you will see a mismatch during the film, which will be able to see not only a critique but also a general audience. All good punches in the film (5-10) were given in the name of Rakul, the rest were handled by Tabu. But they also went to the trough in the second half.

You can disappoint Ajay Devgan in the film, that is because if you are expecting a breakup from Ajay on the name of the comedy film then there can be disappointment. Because she looked Confucius as a husband, lover and father, and she did not even have some special punch, who probably lived with Rohit Shetty. At one time you may also find out what Ajay is doing at the end.
Has lost love Ranjan?

After films like Pyaar Ka Pankanama, Sonu’s Titu Sweety, Love Ranjan is like an emerging name in the comedy films. But this time his story has been disappointed, although he is not the director of the film, but Scritt is his own. It was tried on their behalf that they could give a little bit of tears, but they could not. The film has been directed by Akiv Ali, who is an editor by profession and he has a debut in this directorial. However, the editing of the film is a masala. Because at the end of the film you will find that everything is being rolled up in the roundabout to finish it quickly.
But with some tremendous punch, dialogues and songs for the songs, this film will be in a spice category, will earn money at the box office. So you can also see it. And yes, there are some surprising elements in the film too. Which is not right to tell here.

Of course ..

And then ask yourself …

‘How do you do …?’


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