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Lavasa and CEC on clean chit face-to-face, Congress tells Commission to Modi


Sources reveal that the Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa has also written in the letter to Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora that he will not be included in the meeting until his order is formed. Election Commission is on target due to taking several disputed decisions.
The end of the Lok Sabha elections-in the Election Commission, the differences have started openly. Election commissioner Ashok Lavasa, who has disagreed with several decisions to break the code of conduct of the Commission, wrote to the Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora seeking that the differences between the Commissioners in the Commission’s decisions should also be included on the official record.

Ashok Lavasa is in the queue to be the next Chief Election Commissioner of the country and according to sources, against the complaints of violation of Lavasa Code of Conduct, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah have been directly directed against the clean chit and notice of leaders of opposition parties Are there.

Election Commission on May 21

Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora said, “There are 3 members in the Election Commission and three of them can not be cloned each other.” According to the controversy over the decision in the Election Commission and the letter written by Lavasa, Sunil Arora said. I do not run away from any kind of debate. It’s time for everything. ‘

On the ongoing dispute between the top executives in the Election Commission, there is a crucial meeting of the commission on May 21. Now everyone has a view on whether this meeting will include Ashok Lavasa or the Election Commissioner. The Election Commission has claimed that it is all its “internal matter”. But after coming to the media’s ‘internal affairs’ media, Election Commissioner Lavasa will come in the meeting or absenteeism will remain in both the headlines.

Election Commission of India: Congress

On the other hand, the Congress says on the controversy that the Election Commission has chosen Modi as the victim of the letter, it is clear from the letter of Ashok Lavasa that the separation between the CEC and his ally Lavasa between Narendra Modi and Amit Shah Are not ready.

Earlier, according to sources, Ashok Lavasa, who has been in the limelight for his separate opinion in the Election Commission meeting, has written in a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner that if a member of the 3-member commission is different, then the opinion should be written in order. . Lavasa wants a system like the Supreme Court in the Election Commission. The manner in which the decision of a judge is contrary to the decision taken by the consent of the court after the hearing of a case in a bench or a special bench, his decision is recorded.

Until the decision is not in the meeting

Sources also said that Ashok Lavasa has also said in a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora that he will not be included in the meeting until the order is made in accordance with his demand.

However, according to the Election Commission’s rules, the jurisdiction and powers of the three Commissioners are the same. On the issue of any issue, the decision of the majority will be valid only if there is a difference. Regardless, why the Chief Election Commissioner should be in minority.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court has also scolded the Election Commission for not using its rights properly. The Congress and other opposition parties also criticized the violation of Model Code of Conduct for not being quickly disposed of the complaints filed in the Commission. Election Commission has given clean chit to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in many cases. While in their election speeches against these two leaders, serious allegations were made about the political mention of the military’s military strike and the use of objectionable words against the opponents.

Record holder

In the Modi-Shah Clean Chit case, the Supreme Court has asked the Commission to keep the records on record. After this order, the Commission is worried that in the next hearing, it will be prompt and straightforward to ask about the meeting process and the basis of the decision to be held in the Court Commission.

Continuous questions are being raised about the role of the Election Commission in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. Opposition is openly accusing the commission of not taking decisions fairly. After the violence in Amit Shah’s road show in Bengal, on Wednesday, there was strong criticism of the election campaign blocking 20 hours ahead of schedule.

After this decision West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee claimed that the Election Commission is working on the behest of Modi and Shah, and on the other hand BJP has been accusing similarly.


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