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Naveen Patnaik asked the letter written to PM Narendra Modi, this help sought from the Central Government


Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanking him for help from the Center after the devastation caused by the hurricane. Patnaik also mentioned the loss in Odisha in his letter and sought help from the Prime Minister for rehabilitation.

Patnaik wrote in his letter, “Dear Prime Minister, First of all, I want to thank the central government for the help given to the Odisha government after the funeral. A large number of people have gone through difficulties in the affected districts, their shelter has been snatched. The state government is estimating the loss which is likely to be completed very soon. The exact number of destroyed houses and related information will be available only after completion of the survey. However, if the initial estimate is believed, nearly 5 lakh homes in the most affected 14 districts have either been completely destroyed or have been damaged at large levels. The worst damage has happened in Puri district. ”

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik further wrote, ‘You took stock of the damage yourself when you came here on a tour on 6th May. During that time, the state administration gave you full information about the damage. It was emphasized that in the coastal areas of Odisha, houses with disasters can be built so that such situations are not created. In view of this, I urge for 5 lakh houses under the Prime Minister’s housing scheme (PMAY) in Odisha. As demand was raised in the May 6 meeting, I repeat today that for certain special allocation, the Permanent Weight List (PWL) will be given exemption. To create a special fund for certain conditions, the center and state government allocate the amount in the ratio of 90:10.

A week ago, Naveen Patnaik asked for help worth Rs 17,000 crore from the Center in view of the devastation. In a review meeting held on Fani with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Patnaik demanded 10,000 crores for the restoration of the power structure affected by the disaster. They demanded Rs. 7,000 crores for transforming five lakh raw houses into pucca houses and for disaster telecom network. The Center released a sum of Rs 381 crore for the state after the storm. Later, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to provide an additional fund of Rs 1,000 crore.

Significantly, the number of dead in the state has risen to 64 due to cyclonic storm on May 3 in Odisha. A cyclonic report issued from the Special Relief Commissioner’s Office said that there have been 39 deaths in the badly affected Puri district, while nine deaths have occurred in Khurda and six in Cuttack. According to the report, four people died in Mayurbhanj district and three to three deaths were reported in Jajpur and Kendrapara. Due to the storm, a total of 1.64 crore people have been affected in 14 districts.


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