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The crowd was broken by the stone, the BJP MP said – if the guards did not shoot, they would have been killed.


Bihar’s Western Champaran MP and BJP candidate Sanjay Jaiswal was assaulted on the day of polling. This case is of 12th May. Polling was going on here on Sunday. Sanjay Jaiswal reached booth number 162 to take stock of the voting. Meanwhile, Sanjay Jaiswal got the news that his supporters were being beaten up. When they went there and interrogated the people, the crowd got furious.

In a while, the dispute grew so much that the mob became violent and attacked Sanjay Jaiswal with a deadly attack. Local people equipped with sticks, sticks and stones started throwing stones at Sanjay Jaiswal. A crowd at the booth number 162, 163 of the Narkatiya assembly constituency surrounded the MP.

In the video present near Aaj Tak, people have taken big stones in their hands and are throwing stone off a wall. This cycle lasted for a long time. The entire atmosphere in the video looks like a battlefield. Sanjay Jaiswal said that if his guard had not been shot, he could have been killed.

According to the report, booth number 162 belongs to the Narkatiya assembly constituency. The video shows that people with lathis are making a ruckus. Here Sanjay Jaiswal is seen surrounded. He was held hostage for a long time. It has come so far that the BJP candidate’s bodyguard had to run till the bullets.

Sanjay Jaiswal has been MP twice from West Champaran seat and if he wins this time he will be his third inning. Brijesh Kumar Kushwaha is contesting on the ticket of Ralppa from the seat on behalf of the alliance from this seat.

Bihar’s Chief Election Officer HR Srinivas said that an inflammatory speech was given after which the atmosphere has become tense. However, he said that the police immediately reached the spot and the situation was controlled.


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